Our top priority is protecting your personal information. That’s why our Enhanced Online Security System uses multiple layers of security to ensure unauthorized users cannot access your accounts. You will be asked to enroll in this system when you sign up for Online Banking. Learn more about this process and other security measures we take below.

Enrolling in Enhanced Online Security

To enroll, you will need to:

  • Provide your email address.
  • Choose three challenge questions and answer them.
  • Pick the appropriate "Register Computer" option from the drop-down menu. Please note: You should only register personal computers that 1) you frequently use and 2) are not available for public use.
  • Click “Submit” when you’re ready.

If you have any trouble with the enrollment process or if you have any questions, please read our FAQs or call (888) 929-2265.

Challenge Methods

The “challenge method” you choose protects your account data when you log in from a computer our system does not recognize.

To verify your identity, you will choose one of the following "challenge methods":

  • Email Challenge: This will send a one-time use password to your personal email address.
  • Challenge Questions: Using this method, you will select 3 predefined questions and answers. Example: "What was the name of your first pet?”

The Green Address Bar

We've added an additional layer of security in the address bar that shows if you’re connected to a safe server, so before entering your password or answering the security challenge, check to make sure your browser's address bar is green. If your browser’s address bar is not green, stop where you are in your login process and contact us. Here's how the green address bar may appear in your browser when it’s a safe connection:

Secure Web Browser for Armed Forces Bank